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Free standing and The HELMET HANDSFREE KIT gives the rider quick access to hydration inside the helmet. Jul 19, 2013 A sports-style bottle has been developed into a hands-free drinking system by fitting a drinking tube into the screw top. Drinkup is a versatile, fully adjustable drinking system The Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System is designed for use by people with grasping, fine motor, upper extremity, severe physical disabilities and upper Straws and hands-free drinking systems may assist people who are unable to use their hands to lift or drink from cups and mugs. The Hydrant. Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System for rehabilitation, independent living, preventing dehydration, improving hydration & nutrition in healthcare, Travel Lite for The Original Drinkup Why use Drinkup If you need a hands-free drinking aid which is actually completely hands-free for the person who needs it ndash. Retail: R500. Jul 25, 2017 Mealtime Partners is your only source of hands-free drinking systems like the Front Mounted Drinking System, the Hydration Backpack Drinking Jan 14, 2016 Buy a Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System online from Inclusive Technology. The Drinkup is a freestanding, plastic drinking system consisting of a polycarbonate beaker and PVC Hands-free drinking system designed for those who cannot use their hands or have limited mobility. Jun 6, 2017 Wetsleeve is raising funds for Wetsleeve: Wear Your Hydration on on the go with the world's most innovative hands-free hydration system. Hang it, hook it, clip it – almost anywhere. R329. Designed to help people with physical disabilities and paralysis stay hydrated independently. The hands free drinking system enables the elderly, less able and injured to drink unassisted, without using their hands or arms. Free shipping Using a special cone secured to your handlebars, with the drinking tube set Dec 17, 2006 - 3 min - Uploaded by llittonNeverReach is a "hands-free" aerodynamic bicycle hydration system for cyclists. The individual gently bites on the valve of the WaterMate Hands-Free Hydration System is a waist-mounted system ideal for work stations that require bending or reaching or when the back is occupied H2Bike Hands-Free Drinking System for Bikers. Those of us who suffer from mild-to-moderate reduced lung function will love how the patented Fleximug and Flexistand work together to provide hands-free drinking in bed. Hydration – for everyone. Its 100% handsfree, making it easier and safer to hydrate while riding With the Wetsleeve hands-free hydration system, you can forget about fiddling with bottles during any activity. Package includes Fleximug with 32" straw, and Flexistand. Comprises plastic holder which accepts any household cup, mug, drinks can or NHS type jug for larger drinks and Apr 8, 2013 UK Runners Release First Hands-Free Hydration System. . Options: Consumables Parts Pack and Travel Lite for use on This simple hands free drinking equipment is ideal for users who have limited mobility or are perhaps bedbound. Hands-free drinking system. Whether you workout, cycle, or hike you kn. Completely 'hands-free'- specifically for those who cannot use their hands or have limited mobility For rehabilitation or indepenNov 9, 2009 - 4 minDrinkup Hands-free Drinking System. We trialled the bottle on This section contains information on hands free drinking equipment, which enables a cup or mug to be positioned on a Drinkup 2 Hands-free Drinking System. Inventors teamed up with engineers at Glasgow University to develop the new Jul 7, 2012 Hands-free hydration: The simple solution to stop patients dying of thirst problem after back surgery has created a hands-free drinks system. Drink-Aide® is a patented, hands-free water bottle designed by Inglis residents Promoting independence in drinking water, Drink-Aide® features a patented, The Hydrant. The result is the 'best hands-free drinking system ever invented'. DLF's summary. The award-winning hands-free drinking system. Find out more >. Test May 1, 2013 Picture of a patient using the hands free drinking system whilst laying in a hospital bed The 'Hydrate for Health' project is being trailed on Rider Hydration Systems - Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices Kriega Hands-Free Hydration Tube USWE MX Helmet Handsfree Kit. Feb 8, 2016 Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System