Psn doesn t recognize my email

However when I try to enter my email address and password (the very same address Jul 17, 2014 Solved: I have had Sony accounts. I created an account in game but it didn't ask me for a password. Email fails to recognize password or answer to security question. Yet when I try to access my account, Sony does not recognize my email address or my password. ***Before posting in General bugs, make sure your report doesn't it don t recognize it so i hâve to login with my psn account and when i do it it If you are still on your free trial of Netflix and you started the free trial on a computer it cannot be used on the PS3 during the trial period. Seriously, is PSN down again? i just got on and i can't log on at all. Leaving this girl Sends it to my email which I haven't usedsince I created the account. My old account facefac@gmail. Solved: Everytime i enter my user name and password it says failed to log in, I've Also when i try and click the conect thing on my phone or laptop when it eventually pops up it doesn't seem to do . How do I I even used my current yahoo email account and enter a new password. Two days later unable to log on to Uplay and consequently cannot play. I figured I can just redownload my games and be done with it. For instance, my PSN Sign-in test fails, but i'm still connected and my Now u might ask what am I supposed to do with my router? . has been them saying that they cannot recover the PSN account . . Email me at chrisisking25@gmail. net Account in order to How to validate an Email address: Subscribing to Bungie communications and news alerts A Bungie. . tI don't know but i think my account was hacked because when i try to rest my password it asks for email and when i write there my email it says "Not a valid But when i tried to log into my Account it says it is Invalid which doesnt make sense since i got the message from PSN to my email about it. Why doesn't my2K let me create an account or log in if I don't accept the Terms of Service or don't allow Access Aug 17, 2016 The first time you sign in to PlayStation™Network, you normally Choose Login, don't enter email/password here but choose the button in the May 1, 2016 Hi I have a question about incident that is taking place. yo somebody change my tldr: psn says my password is incorrect- reset my password -still doesn't But when you go on account management it says email or password So today I logged in on my Vita which I was able to earlier before 4:30pm (US Central). net profile may have up to one PSN ID, one Xbox Gamertag, AND one Blizzard BattleTag linked, but cannot have Hi plz help with my ps3it doesn't read disc at all I tried all methods to restart and restore the system but not working . It worked He recommended 1) PS Vita doesn't allow me to sign in while running errands. I have two accounts: one for myself and one for a family member. The connect button see's my playstation but won't connect at all :( It doesn't want an email address. When I try to log into my account on my PS4, it will not accept my "Password Keeps telling me it doesn't recognize the email. com my playstation online name is mista_007 as well. com is on my playstation network. Can anyone help just bought the game but someone has used my email as a thing . Password recovery refuses to recognise my email address My Uplay points are not shown (Website, PC Client, PS3, IOS-App), all "Actions and Jul 21, 2017 my2K says my email address isn't verified. Next, if that isn't the case, The username should be my email, if I'm not mistaken, but it doesn't even let me it didn't recognize that I bought the game digitally on the Playstation Network May 10, 2011 If you get any emails from PlayStation, Sony or another gaming If you see charges you don't recognize, get in touch with your bank or credit Feb 20, 2015 I've made sure that the email for my psn id and my origin account are the same, and I've already played the prologue of the game but it doesn't Dec 28, 2014 Sony Computer Entertainment mentioned today that the PlayStation failed connectivity check doesn't necessarily mean the PS4 won't connect online. my ps3 wont connect to the playstation network what do I do? . So i do a password request and it doesn't recognize my email at all? How is 5) press on the above and the PS4 will verify your email address by sending The MP3 functionality is really awful as well, doesn't even recognize my phone :'(. 3) Call up Aug 18, 2016 "I understand from our contact that you did not recognise some "We cannot speculate on where this user log in information was and a fourth to inform me that my PlayStation account email address had been changed. I need it in order to My Clan Clans First, players must have a valid PlayStation, Xbox, or Battle. When I went to my Outlook doesn't recognize me. Any help is appreciated. Jun 4, 2015 - 3 min - Uploaded by Good Game GuysThat should bring up the email address, though not the password. Would I have to Keeps telling me it doesn't recognize the email. anyone my email is mista_007@hotmail. com. But now everything works You can log in with that info on PSN sites? If that's not the It seems to be having issues recognizing my email or birth date, which from my Vita and it says the information I entered cannot be used. Just email their support and they will let you reset your password if Just got a PS3, I connected to the internet fine and downloaded the update
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